Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The end

Hi all,

Having begun a new era, it is appropriate to mark it with an end.

The end of this blog.

I have decided to leave this blog un-updated and see how long I can leave it that way, but perhaps I should formalise it. So, the Mysterious Stranger's Enclave shall be cast adrift in cyberspace like a derelict ship (just like those movies, just that this one isn't haunted haha).

Anyway it was great fun blogging, but now there are other things to focus on.

Take care everyone, all the best!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009


The Mysterious Stranger hath returned to blogosphere!

Well, I decided to give up for now on that 'fabled' post hahaha. Yay for procrastination. Besides, it would probably entail the same things you would have heard/read on other blogs. Anyway, in the time period of the post-hsc, here are some things I discovered (I'm making this out to be grander than it actually is haha).

^The MOST hilarious video I came across. Perhaps many of you would have seen it, perhaps not...

Opening from 2001: A Space Odyssey, as you may have discerned from the title. One of the grandest openings, a prelude to one of the best movies ever made (in my opinion at least). I highly recommend you all watch the movie, it is most excellent.

Oh well that's all from me for now. Take care!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And so it begins...

And so it begins, the great battle of our time (exaggerating slightly there hahas). This will be the final test of our skills etc etc. haha

Best wishes and I'll see you all on the other side!

(by the way this isnt the fabled post. That will occur in due time e.g. after Nov 2 haha)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Post coming up soon


Yeah this is another short post. As you may understand I have been lately occupied with studies and the composings of writings i.e. English. Hence the lack of activity recently.

But don't worry!! This famous post that has been alluded/hinted about will eventually materialise in cyberspace soon enough.

Ha ha ha

Best wishes in studies for HSC, etc. etc.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Short post

Greetings all once again

Happy Birthday Belinda. Hope you had a great day to-day.

Haha I have some new items on the side. The fish! Haha you hover you mouse cursor over it and they kinda swarm over, click to drop foodstuffs in. ha ha ha hours of entertainment. If you can't find it, keep scrolling till you do.

On other things, I can't believe school is going to be over in less than two weeks. All these years I have been thinking "there's always next year", but this time there is no next year at school, only uni/gap year, etc. Sorta like driving off a cliff - you assume there's more road, but...not really.

Yeah short post today. Will post something more substantial in due time.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The end of an era

Behold I have overcome "writers block" and I am back.

The end hath come for cadets. As some people say we fainted - i.e. we passed out. In the five years there it has had its ups and downs.

I liken the cadet experience to a hike - its at its best at the end HAHA. Still they were fun times.

Yeah so in following tradition we had a parade. This time due to ginormous numbers we had THREE platoons rather than the usual two. But whatever still all good.

I got to use my extremely rusty cane drill skillz which hopefully weren't too crap (other people pls confirm hahas). BUT (testipop) for some reason this parade felt waaayyy more fulfilling than the other times. The drum guys were awesome - kept us in time, so we actually looked pretty good.

Hey cadetters did you notice this weird pause just before I called open order march or something like that. That was because I was desperately trying not to laugh at some weirdo stuff up some cadet(s) did or something like that. haha.

AND to V. Tran(sit of Venus) I bet you're reading this:


Randomness aside I shall continue on this recount like the recounts we did in primary school. Except I wont go "and then blah blah. And then I did this. It was fun. And then I did that." haha

So the highlight was when we entered the hall. As I passed the year 12s I heard some guy go "Xanaduuuuuuuu" HAHAA hi-larious. And then stuff happened like in assemblies, as well as a tremendously out of time inward turn HAHA.

Well Mr. Morris' speech was really relevant to us. The hand of cards metaphor (oh no too much English ho ho ho) was really true.

Anyway the time came for the HTL and me speech of reminiscing. We were up till one in the morning doing this and it wasnt until around 10 minutes before the parade started that we finally finished it. But apparently people liked it so oh well. But I don't think people got all of our jokes/puns like HTL's marching on course - understanding rank thing or like the ANPRC 77 (tonnes) one. bah who cares.

Some things we left out: Major moustache. Some major at AFX 07 who had this humungous handlebar moustache and he talked in this hilarious way. I remember having tears in my eyes cause I was laughing so hard, and also with the effort of holding it in.

FLAGS peoples didnt really get to see you in action in the hall, nice work though. At least there werent any major screwups so all good.

Some small stuffups understandable - after all no one is perfect. I think all yr 12 peoples made at least one mistake.

OK certificate presentation thingy. Haha APPARENTLY some yr 12s were going to yell out "Xanaduuuuuuuu!!!" as I was going up. DAMN they should have =.= It would have been even more memorable (no sarcasm there XD). The cadets decided to clap in time!!! We tell them jokingly to do it, not expecting them to, and then of all times they do it now!! Actually it was pretty funny. XDD

Yeah the parade ended and it was all good. Too bad we had to be dismissed abbreviated style, otherwise I would've had some CSM-y last laugh. Especially to certain cadets.

Yeah after that was the afternoon tea thing. Lotsa foods, not much eaten. I think I only ate like two things and that was it. I was more preoccupied with photoing and also putting the v-finger things (what are they called? xD) in others' shots.

Haha mishmashmosh I think that was my fingers in your photo LOL sorry :P.

AND THEN it was all over. No more cadets. Time flies dammit.

Hey all yr 12 cadets. Lets all give our stuff in at the same time so we flood the Q guys. Its like a initiation test for Q-ies, since we had to go through that last year. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA.

Enough from me for now.

P.S. No one write tl;dr......or else!!!! jk xD

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hello once again I have decided to use the title 'midway' as it is very appropriate.

Exams. Exams Exams. Have just crashed through 4 of them. Have got 3 to go. Well, I should have posted in the middle of Bio just to make it REALLY Midway HAHAHAHAHAA.

Speaking of Bio. It was alright, as in it was not as gay as I had anticipated. Those who saw me this morning would know I was practically shatting myself because of the sheer amount of crap we had to know and recall. I think I spent more time in a frenzied whirlwind saying, "Oh crap, blah blah blah" than actually looking at the stuff. But anyway in the end it was tolerable.

Going back to MAths. It was hard, period. I was flipping through the pages just to see if there were any easy pickup mark questions to do (there were hardly any). But what was fun was how we were playing scissors paper rock while they were collecting the papers. Haha.

And then there was English before that. Paper 1 was alright, I suppose. Then came Paper 2. Questions were reasonable...until I mental blanked throughout the exam. Such was the case that Module A's essay needed a bit of...abridging. But then again that was P and P. I like Citizen Kane more, but thats just me.

And something else that is also as konstant as k (that is the k you meets in maths, chem, etc. that just means any arbitrary constant), is of course people dwelling. As some of you would know I would zoom out of the hall like there's no tomorrow, and for good reason too.

Enough for today! Good luck everyone for (the rest of) your exams.